Zachary W. Kelley

"Zachary is one of the most talented dancers I know. But his talents go far beyond just dancing! He is one of the kindest and down to earth people I know. While I was preparing for SYTYCD, Zachary gave me private lessons and worked with me patiently as I tried my best to prepare for one of the biggest moments of my dancing career. If it weren’t for Zachary I don’t think I would have had the confidence to go to the audition. His kind heart and uplifting words really made the difference!"

/  Sofia Wylie - Disney Channel Actress  /


"Zach Kelley is an exceptional instructor and mentor. I can’t say enough about his extraordinary talent and leadership not only in tap but our extensive dance life. Zach has taken both of my girls to the next level with tap and exploring the commercial opportunities. He has taught them how to utilize their network and social media to expand their experiences. In class he offers top of the line instruction and expertise to build better dancers. His depth of real life experience and dance history enrich their learning experience and I am so grateful for the time Zach has spent with my girls."

/  Kym Puffenbarger - Parent  /


"If you are looking for exceptional tap training, Zachary Kelley is your guy. Coming from CA where tap is all over to AZ where tap barely exists, I was struggling to find a tap teacher that could train my high-level tapper. Zach was approached to teach my child some tap routines that we had brought to AZ from some of the best tap choreographers out there. The technical ability of the instructor had to be at a very exceled level in order to train the tapper. Zach’s advanced technical ability allows him to train tappers of all levels. Zach lead my child to a national title win, without him it would NOT have been possible. Zach was able to keep my child moving forward technically in order to achieve success. My child was also approached by The World of Dance after they had seen my child win a National Title. Zach was again there for the tapper to train, support, and travel where needed. Thank you Zach Kelley!!"

/  Amy Magana - Parent  /


"My daughter has been a student of Zach’s going on 4 years now. He is beyond talented, extremely professional, an amazing teacher and a wonderful role model! Over the last few years I have seen my daughters tap skills and her confidence in tap improve so much because of Zach. He has taken the time to get to know her strengths and weaknesses and continues to push her to be her best. He knows just how to give the right amount of encouragement and correction in a way that just keeps her wanting to learn more. Her favorite parts of the week are those times that she spends doing her favorite activity with one of her favorite people – Zach! Zach’s choreography is award winning, fun to perform and even more fun to watch! He comes in with ideas and will continue to tweak the routine until it is just perfect. Because of Zach and his focus on technique and cleaning, my daughter has won overall awards up against very tough competition in a tap category which is very difficult to do. Zach not only teaches, but he never stops wanting to learn more himself. He is always taking classes or workshops to just keep making himself a better dancer and teacher. That kind of dedication shows the younger kids that you never stop learning no matter how good you are. He teaches that by example, not just by words. He will not make a student do something that he can’t or won’t do. He loves a challenge for himself and for his students. It is so much fun for them to be in his class for that reason and also to watch as a parent from the outside. When it comes time for classes – he is there when he says he will be there and he is always on time, ready to teach. I always have a happy and smiling daughter come out of his class/private lesson. Zach has found a student for life in my daughter! We are so lucky to have found him!!"

/  Christina Humiston - parent  /


"Zack was such a delight at the Las Vegas Tap Fest. He was punctual, fun, and willing to help out any way he can. Everyone loved Zack's energy and what he had to bring to the table. I definitely made the right decision hiring Zack for faculty."

/  Victoria Jones - Founder/President of LVTapFest  /


"We relocated to the Phoenix area two years ago and were looking for the best tap teacher in the Valley. Zach came highly recommended by multiple dancers and teachers from different studios. We reached out to him and he quickly responded. He has been an amazing teacher to work with and has been nothing but supportive and encouraging to our son. He pushes him to his maximum and holds him to the highest of expectations. He builds a strong work ethic in his students. Zach teaches all aspects of tap - not only technique but performance, musicality and the history of tap. Our son continues to grow and improve under Zach’s mentorship and guidance whether it be in the class setting or through private lessons. We could not be more grateful for his guidance, support and knowledge and don’t know what we would do without him."

/  Bridgett and Isaiah Wilson - parent  /