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September 2019

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"My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting Zach Kelley over 3 years ago. I have always loved tap and it was my favorite genre growing up. My daughter too has always loved tap but had not seen it as her style of choice until she met Zach. He sparked a new love in her and has helped her claim tap as her genre! Zach has choreographed two different tap solos for my daughter, as well as a jazz funk. Taylor has always received platinum awards for her solos but also has been crowned Queen of her age group and category for two years in a row for her tap solos choreographed by Zach. She has also won a tap scholarship with the Rhythmic Tap Company in Dallas due to her solo performance at Dupree competition. Taylor always stands out at convention for her ability to pickup choreography and her love for tap shows every time she performs. This is all due to her training with Zach. His choreography is unmatched, highly technical and super creative. I'm so thankful to Zach for igniting my daughter's love for tap and pushing her to new limits each year. We can't wait to see what this year brings!"


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